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First track on their 2015 In Colour album. The contrast between the urban electronic sound and the simple, very English lyric is pretty amusing and not that tuneful, but then the tune develops, the cyclic rhythms loop and the wandering synth emerges into the acoustic foreground to transform into a thumping big beat wonder that sets the tone for the whole album. "Obvs" later in the album is a Caribbean dream based in London.
Wed 27 Jul, 2016, 08:07
Honestly this book was not grabbing me until about the half way point. But I put this down to me rather than the book, as it was not until I was on holiday that my mind was ready for it. The first thing of interest is that this book pre-"Culture", and is a window into Banks's sci-fi world before he developed his famous sci-fi background. The story follows a woman Sharrow and her stunningly cool group of friends as they are coerced into seeking out a mythical, legendary and perhaps lost-forever "Lazy Gun". The book seriously gathers pace towards the end. The passage were Sharrow and the android Feril ride across Golter on a "mono-wheel" deserves to be alongside any compendium of literary road-trips. I want a mono-wheel!
Wed 27 Jul, 2016, 08:07
Until a month ago, I always wondered what sort of music Underworld would produce if they made an album today. Now I know. Very new and fresh and different and yet 100% Underworld. Some electronic bands change there sound as tech and trends move on - which is great. Underworld always had a great and unique sound, so glad they have kept it. Low Burn and Ova Nova are ridiculously good.
Thu 28 Apr, 2016, 18:04
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