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Very late with this one, but the guys at Bikes of Inverness sorted out my buckled back wheel on the day before doing the Hebridean Way. I'd been looking for a new back wheel all round Inverness and they had one but he said he could repair the old one in 10 minutes! That same wheel is still on my bike some 500 miles later. Proper customer service from the professionals.
Sun 16 Oct, 2016, 17:10
An all-out, hands-down, straight-up disaster movie. A classic and entertaining combination of sympathetic lead characters and a fantastic BP bad guy from John Malkovich. Tension slowly ratchets up into a situation where, very soon, everyone is out of the their depth. Worth watching at the cinema.
Wed 05 Oct, 2016, 17:10
I finished the book I bought in Gairloch. Gavin records his travels around Northern Europe from Shetland to Iceland to Greenland and beyond. I like his writing, having read Antartica, where he intersperses his travel writing and observations with historical references. The references to Icelandic Sagas is particularly interesting. Inspiring stuff.
Wed 14 Sep, 2016, 19:09
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@fcscotland Walked up Ben A'an this weekend. Why are you still clear-felling beautiful woods like at Ben A'an? It is totally trashed.

Interesting statement from Sturgeon, #indyref2 might happen after all

Sent a friend an email today and he assumed my account had been hacked. When did we stop using email? Async, person-to-person.. is good.